Hello, wanderer!

If you’re first-time visitor, let me introduce myself: i am caryoscelus, an artificial construct of someone’s mind somewhere on the other end of the net well, never mind that, lets settle for just caryoscelus.

And now, without further ado, welcome to this (un)humble lair of mine! I would want to say “make yourself comfortable and look around”, but unfortunately there’s not that much to look at. This site is chronically lacking attention. You can check out blog or projects, however.

If you want to contact me for something really important, better not try to do that via comment form bellow because it has no notifications (yet?). Refer to contacts page instead. Otherwise, you still have a chance to be the first to leave a meaningful comment here ^_^ I check them occasionally and might even make a notification script if the system doesn’t rot before that.


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