30 Jan 2017

Synfig vector morphing without waypoints

Since i’m reworking Synfig time & animation subsystem, i’m getting rid of current hard-coded & hard-to-edit interpolation via waypoints and replacing it with lightweight valuenodes.

Interpolation of simple values (plain numbers, angles, times) will be done via curves (mostly works already, except for fancy ui and error-checking). However, that can’t be applied directly to shapes, so now i’m researching how to do it and one way is to use existing weighted average node. It is not practical to do so at the moment (as there is no ui to automate valuenode connecting) and it generally doesn’t solve a problem of morphing shapes with different vertex amount, but i think it might be interesting to see that morphing from two individually editable shapes is possible even now.

Demo animation:

Playing around with it:

Get .sifs (you’ll need timecurve module from here to load non-linear one).


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