14 Feb 2017

Semi-linked region/outline in Synfig

Here’s a short tutorial on how to get a shape in Synfig with partial outlines linked to it. This is pretty much a workaround, but the fix might require either a lot of major changes or a lot of pain with inelegant code.

Basic workflow:

  • Create the whole shape
  • Create outline from region (you can skip this if you created outlines originally)
  • Disconnect outline’s vertices
  • Remove unneeded vertices from it (note that unlooping at this step will make it impossible to link ending tangents, so if you need that don’t unloop yet)
  • Select both outline and region layers
  • For each vertex origin and tangent that you need to link: draw rectangular selection around it (this selects them on both layers) and link
  • Unloop outline path if needed
  • Done. You can repeat from second step to make more outlines


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