21 Apr 2015

Ludum Dare 32

Continuing my last year’s “tradition”, i was doing april LD solo. Continuing long-time LD tradition, theme was horrible. But apart from those traditions i didn’t have much time to participate, almost entirely missing first day.

So first i should apologize to any fans awaiting something better from me. Perhaps, another time.

Couple words about the resulting game. As you could’ve guessed, it’s a VN again. My first NVL-style novel and also first to have such a few choices. Well, in fact i spent about 90% time on writing (and not planning/scripting branches), so that’s something natural.

Art was done in about an hour (sometime close to the deadline, even though the thing stopped me from continuing was sleepiness) and the saddest thing about it that i actually haven’t made enough of it, so some aspects of story are even less obvious than planned.

The story itself is kinda horror mystery. If you piece all the details together, you may be able to understand the message.

So yeah, that’s about it about my messy LD this time. I’m getting back to work on something more interesting. Hoping to release a demo some time soon.

Almost forgot! Here are links to LD page and source repository.


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