01 Apr 2016

scandia letters

Without any particular (except for the obvious) reason, i’ve chosen today to officially launch my new project: scandia letters (or письма скандии in russian, in which it is being written). Why yet another new project? Well, because i tend to extend and inflate any project i start. But this one is a series, which makes it easier to follow deadline and actually publish something.

Since it is started, you can now expect more posts here, official announcement on lemmasoft forum and perhaps a bit of downtime if github servers would be unable to handle all the sudden traffic (just wanted to insert some unfunny joke here, sorry).

The first episode (currently in russian only, but english translation will follow) is available here. Currently you need to have Ren’Py launcher to run it, since i’m doing this in a rush, but more user-friendly release is to be made soon.


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