So, you wonder what is this all about and who is this caryoscelus person?

Well, not so fast! I do realize the time to put at least something on this lonely page has come, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to write a life story or explain structure of the universe in lame (sic!) terms.

Instead, i’ll write whatever i see fit for the purposes of this site. Which are, by the way, mostly publishing my works and occasionally posting random stuff (the proportion may change depending on moon phase and other factors).

Since this site is currently being under almost-ddos attack by new visitors, i’ll mention that i’m libre software and open culture proponent and thought about that as of a well-established fact not worth mentioning here, until those hordes of visitors (bots?) came.

<this part was here, but now is being censored rewritten>

On a completely unrelated note: i’m a stubborn idealist (not in materialist vs idealist sense, that’s a question for a different story) and try to live by my principles. Call me fanatic if you like, but i won’t take as an insult: the word was used to describe too much great people that don’t have much in common with uncritical believers it used to describe.

Perhaps it is worth to mention linguistical matters and specifically my current fluency in various languages. There’s not much to it, though, cause except for english i’m only fluent in russian (мой родной язык, вообще-то). All my other limited language knowledge isn’t worth mentioning except for lojban {.uecai coi lo jbopre poi tcidu dei}. Despite i am worse at it than, say, at spoken japanese, it is too interesting and cool to omit the chance to advertise it (even if i’m not enthusiastic about it to the point of actively speaking in it).

Reliable sociology shows that you’re highly likely to be smarter than average. But if you think you’ve found a contradiction in me, you’re about 99% likely to be mistaken in one of your premises. If you happen to land in that 1%, i’ll be very happy to discuss that issue with you.

That’ll be all for now. Just keep reading blog.

And, of course, feel free to contact me.