If you are sure you want to donate, here’s the current bitcoin address:


Please make sure you’re using SSL or 0net so that address isn’t spoofed.

If you want more info, keep reading.

Why you shouldn’t donate

There are a couple of posts i’ve made about why it might be not the best to donate, in general or to me in particular:

If you can spare the time, i would ask you to read them before donating.

You can try to count it

I’ll be changing address(es) regularly (reusing one address is considered harmful), but i’ll be listing old ones on this page (and you can check git history, if you want to be more sure) so if you want, you can try to count what others have donated publicly (i’m saying “try” because if you care about fiat, you’ll have to account for crypto price volatility).

More privacy

If you are uncomfortable with the idea of donating to single bitcoin address for some reason, i can send you a personal one. You can do it anonymously and i won’t be making any attempts to track you down. This also means that others will not be able to verify the transactions, though i may occasionally post rough amount of what i received this way.


I may add alt-coin options for donations, especially if someone requests them. That said, if i don’t like the coin enough, there’s nothing to do about that.


I’m not a fan of banking, so there’s little chance any of non-crypto electronic ways of donating will be available. In case you want to donate me useful things or cash, you’ll have to contact me for arrangements.

Previous addresses

There were non yet, bah.